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Dear Colleague in Ministry,

Is your church's photo directory perpetually outdated? We understand the frustration of keeping a printed directory current – new members join, people move, kids grow up, and lives change. Before you know it, that once-beautiful photo directory no longer accurately represents your congregation.

Welcome to a new era of church directories – Instant Church Directory™, the ultimate online membership directory program. Say goodbye to the days of printing and distributing directories that become obsolete as soon as they're printed. With Instant Church Directory, you can craft a professional church photo directory yourself within a few hours.

Don't delay any longer! Embrace the power of an updated directory today by kickstarting your 30-day FREE TRIAL. We're so confident you'll be delighted that we offer a full refund if you're not satisfied.


-The Instant Church Directory Team

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Instant Church Directory is a full-feature church directory program.

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From the start, our mission has been to develop an affordable online church directory program that's truly instantaneous. We recognize that staying connected to your members is a vital aspect of your ministry, and fostering connectivity within your church community is equally essential. However, in this fast-paced world, achieving these goals can be challenging. Enter Instant Church Directory – the online directory solution that empowers you to maintain up-to-date member contact information from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're at home or in your church office, simply log in from any computer and experience the benefits of a professional church photo directory at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional, Printed Directory

Instant Church Directory offers not just a digital version but also a printable one. With templates for 8 ½ x 11 or booklet-size formats, you can choose full color or black and white. Customize fonts and layouts, especially useful for elderly members who benefit from larger print. See everything that's included.

Safe and Secure

Access information with peace of mind because your members' data is safe and secure. We take your privacy and your congregation's privacy very seriously and never use or sell your church data. Read more about our security.

Free Mobile Apps

Instantly synchronize your directory to church members' mobile devices. Our free mobile apps let users find members and send emails, calls, or texts, even offline. Any changes you make sync across all users. Apps are available on Apple App and Google Play stores. Learn more.

Two Membership Options

Instant Church Directory offers two membership options: Standard for only $9.99 a month, including all essential features, and Premium at only $14.99 a month, includes additional customizable options to align with your organization's branding. Explore the pricing of each to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Online Members' Website

The online members’ website enhances connectivity even further for members without smartphones or those who spend substantial time on computers. It’s an ideal avenue for online directory access. The online members' website works just like the mobile app but is viewable in any modern browser and device at our secure membership site. Learn more.

Pricing Made Simple

Our pricing structure is simple: one low monthly price—no matter your organization size or how often you update the directory—making Instant Church Directory one of the most budget-friendly directory services available. Learn more about pricing.

Try Instant Church Directory for 30 days FREE.

Setting Up Your Directory – Fast and Easy

"Instant" isn't just a buzzword; it's our promise. Unlike traditional photo directory companies that take weeks or months, we believe that within an hour, you can create a sample online membership directory to present to a committee, to a board of your organization, or to other leaders for approval. With a trial account, you can simply enter family details, photos, cover images, and other pertinent information. Want to effortlessly bring your member data on board? Our import tool has you covered! Seamlessly upload the bulk of your directory information for both Families and Individuals in a breeze. We allow for the import of a CSV file to streamline the process. Additional time may be required based on your church size, but completion is swift and stress-free.

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Easy Create & Share

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Our step-by-step guidance makes it easy to input individual members' details, including photos, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more. You can also add personalized information such as notes or additional details, plus update family labels to suit your organization. Changes are automatically reflected on the mobile app and online members' website. Sharing your directory is effortless: Print it using our PDF option or let members access it online via our mobile app or membership website. You can view a sample directory here.

Stress-Free Updates

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As a church administrator, membership management of information is simplified with Instant Church Directory. You can easily make changes and updates to ensure directory accuracy while maintaining secure access. Members can submit changes to their information via the Instant Church Directory app or online members’ website. These submissions are sent to the directory administrator and editors for approval. Once approved, those changes are instantly synced to members' devices, guaranteeing the most current information is always available.

Bring Your Directory to Life

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Creating your membership directory is straightforward. Recruit volunteers with digital cameras to capture "headshots" of families and individuals, or invite members to upload their photos for their member profiles. Our platform guides you through the process, allowing you to design a captivating cover, staff and activity pages, and even add custom sections. Distributing your finished membership directory is a breeze, with multiple options to cater to your users' preferences.

Review our best online church directory features.

With Instant Church Directory, we provide the tools to make creating and maintaining a church photo directory simple and fast. Access all the features below with one, low monthly membership price of $9.99.

Add Additional Editors
Employ volunteers to help by adding up to three editors to your account at no additional cost. This is a perfect way to engage extra help for building and maintaining your directory.

Manage Church Groups
Add individuals or families to a group, and then print a member directory just for that group! You can create as many groups and sub-directories as you want. Groups are viewable on the mobile apps and the online members' website.

Keep Track of Members' Birthdays
Quickly add a birthday to any member's information in the directory. The birthday page will display your members' birthdays by month.

Export Data for Mailing Labels
Export your family data anytime. You can use the exported CSV file in other applications that can read a CSV file. For example, use it to create envelopes or mailing labels using Microsoft Word Mail Merge.

Members Can Submit Changes
Fellow members can submit an update for their address, photo, email address or phone number for church approval from the online directory and mobile apps!

Insert Custom Pages
Create a custom page in any desktop software, export it as a PDF and upload it into your directory PDF. It's especially helpful if you would like to sell ads to sponsor your directory. Use a custom page to add your own touch, such as a striking directory cover design.

Commemorate Anniversaries
Include anniversary dates in a family's details so these special days won't be overlooked. Anniversaries are listed just like birthdays in the mobile app.

Available in Booklet-Sized Format
With just a few clicks, you can change your printed directory listing (with or without photos) from an 8.5" x 11" size to a booklet size of 5.5" x 8.5" and print as many copies as you need in black-and-white or full-color format.

Elevate with Premium Features
In addition to enjoying all the essential features that come with our standard subscription, Premium unlocks a range of customizable options to match your branding and membership preferences that will truly resonate with your users. This added layer of personalization creates a more engaging and unique experience for everyone involved. Curious to know more? Dive deeper into what Instant Church Directory Premium can offer your community by reading more here.

Try Instant Church Directory for 30 days FREE.

We've learned an important lesson:
The church is people. Not a building!

What customers say about Instant Church Directory.

Read what others love about our online church directory program.

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Your program was so user friendly and the result was a very professional product.


Love this app. I am a pastor and love this app. First, it is easy to use and update. Secondly, it has helped build community in our church. If you forget someone's name, or their children's names — just look it up on the spot, find their picture, and you're good. I have talked to so many people at lunch or breakfast meetings and a name comes up of someone they don't know — I look that person up and can show them their picture. Thirdly, if you visit someone or are headed to a home group for the first time, just touch their address and the map to their house appears on your phone. I also use it to pray for people — just go down the list. … We update it regularly and it saves trying to print updates all the time. Lastly, and most obviously, you have everyone's phone number right on your phone. Love this thing!


Wonderful! I have used this app as both a member & as the secretary of my congregation. I found it very easy to work with in the office & love to have my church family's info at my fingertips! I have just retired so don't have the access I did when I worked, but no problem, I just open Instant Church Directory & phone, text or email with no problems. All churches should use this app!

Instant Church Directory photo image of a customer who is a woman smiling


This is the best online tool I have ever used. The tool itself is so easy to use. I have found it to be flexible, it prints nicely and the support you provide is super! The price is more than worth it!

Apple Mixer

Great App. This app gives good sized pictures of families with their contact information so you can contact people by phone, text or email. When you add new members, it automatically places them in alphabetical order. It's very easy to make a printed directory. The best thing is you can have it on your smart phone and can use it at church or other places. Our congregation loves it. People can send in their own pictures directly to the Administrator.


This directory is a great experience for me. Of all the congregations I've been involved with over the past 30+ years none has had a directory that comes close to this one. It's so easy to use and so helpful in getting to learn members' names and faces. I'd give it a 10 star rating.

Instant Church Directory photo image of a customer that is a young woman


Instant Church Directory Online is amazing! Easiest, by far, software I have ever used! It took me 10 minutes to create a sample directory of about 8 pages long. Thank you!!!


Simply the best church directory app available! Super easy to set up and use. Adding members and information is a breeze. Registering each device is fast with personalized password emailed to member instantly. Members love that after they login the first time, they don't have to login again. Love the ability to click on phone number to make a call, click on email address which opens your email app to instantly send an email, and the ability to click on street address and GPS app opens instantly and shows you how to get there.


Incredibly valuable to our class. We have a large Sunday school class … 150 people, and this app has proved to be such a valuable tool for us. The ability to update quickly and easily, add birthdays and anniversaries, provide care groups and photos is just incredible. With every update comes new and exciting changes and improvements. The staff here does an excellent job. I highly recommend it for any church or Sunday school class.

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There's no complicated tier-pricing based on the number of members, and no annual contracts are required. Furthermore, your members won't have to pay for mobile apps or online access or even feel pressured to buy photos.

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Start today! Cancel at any time.

Flexibility is at the heart of our service. If you need to discontinue or adjust your membership, it's easy to do so. Opting for either a yearly or monthly plan provides you with the flexibility to fit your budget. Plus, you can cancel whenever necessary, all at the simple click of a button.