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Church Directory Security and Privacy

You're worried about security and privacy. So are we.

Your Instant Church Directory account is protected by an email and password that only you as the administrator should know. Search engines do not crawl any of the directory data located within the password-protected portion. We take your privacy and your church members' privacy very seriously.

General Security
We are always making sure the Instant Church Directory website and databases are up to date with the latest security patches to protect against any current and future security threats. To ensure your directories are safe, we only allow access to members who are entered in the directory, and directories are automatically "wiped" from devices if you remove a member from your directory.

Online Member Directory Security
We have a fully secure system for online church directory access just like the mobile app. Only members who are entered in the directory can log in to the website. If that member is removed from the directory, they no longer have access to the directory. You can also make a member inactive if they do not want their information to be shown on the online members' directory website or on the mobile app.

Mobile App Security
We built a fully secure system for all our mobile apps. Only active members you authorize can gain access to your directory, and access is revoked as soon as a member is removed or you change any member's status to inactive. If you prefer that your directory is not available via the mobile app, simply disable the feature. We send down the member data from our server to the mobile devices via SSL/encryption. Once a device has synced, that data is stored locally on the device and therefore is not encrypted.

PDF Security
One output of Instant Church Directory is a PDF file. We do not post these PDF files to anyone but the administrator via the administrator account. We highly recommend you password protect the directory PDF file if you intend to distribute an electronic version of it.

Member Information Security
Even though your data is stored with us, we at Instant Church Directory do not access your members' personal data except for specific troubleshooting purposes within the directory. All data provided by members is held securely and we do not use member information such as phone numbers or emails for marketing purposes either internally or by selling the information to other organizations.

Data Storage and Security
Directory data is stored using a private cloud environment in a private data center — meaning it does not operate in a "shared environment" with others. We use industry best practices for securing and backing up our servers and data, including proactive 24-7 monitoring of our services for possible intrusions.

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