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Teach your church about Instant Church Directory.

We have the tools to help you communicate to your church.

We have created a collection of printouts and templates to help you present Instant Church Directory to your decision-makers and members. Getting your members familiar with the directory once it's up and running is an important part of the process that is often overlooked. These documents will help ensure that your congregation knows what the directory offers and how to access the free member apps.

Find tools and resources for decision-makers.

If you are the decision-maker for your church and want to know more about Instant Church Directory or would like to share information with your directory committee or colleagues, please review the information at the links below. Don't forget, we offer a 30-day free trial to test drive the program and see if it's right for you!


Simple Facts and Stats about Instant Church Directory


Security Information for peace of mind

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When you are ready to announce your new directory to your church, we have a full list of resources and materials below that will help you communicate all the information you need to share with your members. Include these announcements in newsletters or bulletins, email or post them on flyers or on your church's website—wherever you can best reach your members.


Announcement Flyers

Example image of a flyer to announce Instant Church Directory to church members

.DOCX File
.PUB File

3 X 5 Newsletters & Bulletin Ads

Example image of an 3x5 newsletter ad to announce Instant Church Directory to church members

JPG - Black & White
JPG - Color
.DOCX File
.PUB File

2 X 6 Newsletters & Bulletin Ads

Example image of an 2x6 newsletter ad to announce Instant Church Directory to church members

JPG - Black & White
JPG - Color
.DOCX File
.PUB File

Printable Family Form

Example image of a form for families to complete to be included in their directory

.PDF File

Branding Tools and QR Codes

QR Codes for App Downloads

Here you can download the QR codes in .PNG format for the mobile apps and for the online members' directory website for quick access.

iOS Mobile App QR Code
Android Mobile App QR Code
Online Members' Directory Website QR Code

Instant Church Directory Official Brand

We've compiled a zip file of official logos and graphics specific to Instant Church Directory to help you customize your own announcements.

Branding Tool Zip File

Available resources for your members to access the directory.

iPhone® / iPad® Login

Step-by-step Login Instructions for iPhone, iPad or any iOS device

Android Login

Step-by-step Login Instructions for Android devices

Online Members' Directory Website Login

Step-by-step Login Instructions for

Looking for additional help for your church members?

Visit our help library for more video tutorials and other helpful information for your members.

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Visit our Blog to find more ideas on how to share your church directory with your members.

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