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Cover Letter

Provide members with a letter from the . Enter name, title, letter copy, photo and signature (for a personal touch).

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Staff Page


Enter names, titles and photos of your staff members — with photo captions, if you want. A current staff directory is a must-have for familiarizing new and existing members with your employees. It also makes contacting the appropriate people a snap.

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Activities Page


Inform members about the many ministry opportunities available at your . Use the Activities tab to create attractive displays of various groups and events.

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Cover Page

Cover Page

Select any photo and title for the cover. (Or use your own art or illustration!)

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Generate Page


Before you can download or share your directory or one of your sub-directories, you will need to generate them. You can establish a secure password for your directory PDF and update your print options too. You'll be able to complete your page selections and include any custom pages.

You can print your directory on your own printer in black & white or color ... or send it to a commercial printer. Easily link it to your Web site as a Secure PDF, if you'd like, giving your members password access any time from anywhere! (Keep your directory current-to-the-moment and let members print their own copies as they want.)

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Share Page


Share your directory with your members it's easy! We provide you with a hyperlink to your directory to add to your web site. Now your members can view your directory online and print from their own computer! (Don't worry, it's password protected.)

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Import Member

Importing A Member List

Save time by importing a member list! Membership data can be entered manually or imported from any CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. Microsoft Excel can easily create a CSV file.

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Import Directory

Importing an Existing Directory

Already have on CD? No need to re-enter existing member information. We make it easy to upload data from your existing directory to New Online version.

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