Online Member Directory
Getting Started

Getting Started

About the Online Member Directory

With the Online Member Directory, your members can now view your Church Directory from any computer. The Online Member Directory works just like the mobile app, but is viewable online in a browser window such as IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Enable Online Member Directory Access

To enable the Online Member feature for your members:

  • Log in to your Account
  • Choose Step 6 - Settings
  • Click and Save to Enable Online Member Directory Access

How to access the Online Member Directory

  • Simply direct your members to log into
  • Upon visiting, members will create their own user name and password to log in and view your directory.

Who has access?

Just like our apps, only active members with authorization have access to view your directory. As soon as you make a member inactive, access is revoked.

Tell Your Members

Tell Your Members

Email Ideas

Emailing your members is a great way to get the word out. Click here to see an example email.

For Your Church Newsletter or Bulletin

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Frequently Asked Questions

ICD Online Member Directory

Only those with administrator access have the ability to send group text messages.

Only the administrator over the account can start or stop text messaging plans.

1. Sign into your administrator account.

2. Click on Step 9 - 'Broadcast News'

3. Select 'Add or Change Text Message Plan'.

4. Choose your Church Size*, then pick a plan based on how many text messages you think you will send a month.

*For churches with 1,001+ members, pleasecontact us for more information on the availability and pricing of plans. 1800-992-2144 or

To stop your plan:

Simply follow steps 1-3 and then just 'Cancel' your plan.

Simply put, Instant Church Directory is charged a fee for each text
message sent, and we don't want to raise the membership price. So we're
offering text messaging as an "add on" feature for people who choose
to use it. We tried to keep the pricing simple so you can add or drop the
feature any time, based on your church (and budget) needs.

In order to send text messages to individuals in your directory, their number must have
the box checked to "Receive Text Messages."


Go to and click on the 'Church Member Sign In' button.  If this is your first time signing in, you will need to create a login profile.  Below the "Sign In" button, look for "First time signing in? Create a login now."  Click on this link.

Enter your email address as it appears in the family section of the directory.  Next create a password that is at least 8 characters and contains two of the following special characters:  capital letters, numbers, or symbols.  Click on the 'request login' button.

You will see a message that a confirmation email has been sent to your email address. In order to complete the sign-up process, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you in that email.  Once you confirm your email, you may sign into your church's directory. 

While the administrator login is different than the member login, you can opt to use the same password, if it is within the password requirements of at least 8 characters, one number and one capital letter.

No – since their username must be their email address the only way it can be changed is if they request to change their email address altogether.

Easy steps for logging into the Online Member Directory:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the link: First time signing in? Create a login now.

  3. Enter the email address as it is listed in the family portion of the directory.

  4. Create a password.  The password must be 8 characters long, and contain atleast two of the following special characters: capital letters, numbers

    or symbols.

  5. Retype the password to confirm it and click "RequestLogin."

  6. Check your inbox for an email from service@instantchurchdirectory.

  7. In order to completethe sign-in process, you will need to verify your email address by clicking onthe link sent to you in that email.

  8. Once you confirmyour email, you may sign in at

    Need help signing in?Please see your directory Administrator.

It is not possible to change the number of photos on the family or staff pages.  The layout also cannot be altered at this time.


Own a CD version of our program and want to make the switch to online?

If you currently own an older version of Instant Church Directory and would like to upgrade to online for a discount, simply call us anytime Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, 1800-992-2144 and provide your Order information or Serial Key to our team and we'll be happy to give you a special discount for the first year of your online membership!

There could be a variety of reasons a contact will not receive an email from you.

1.  Check to make sure their email address is spelled correctly.

2. The email could be landing in their spam or junk mail. Please have them check this mailbox.  They can add to their address book to better insure receipt of the emails. 

3.  They could have "unsubscribed" from your list

4.  Their email host does not recognize the email adress you are sending it to.  Your recipient may need to add your "From" email address to their "safe list."

5. Emails such as office@, admin@ or staff@ are actually suppressed because they typically are not directed to a single person, but to a distribution of people (could be many, many people). That is not allowed by our email service provider. You can read some helpful info here: If that email is going to one person, then we would be able to put it on an exceptions list. If that email goes to multiple people, we would not be able to send emails to it. If your general email address only goes to one person or computer, then you could send thru an email to us with a message like: This email is only going to one person and you request to be added to an exceptions list. 


1. Open the App and click on "Sign In."
2. On this page, click on "Forgot Password."
3. On the next page, enter your email address, as it is listed in the directory. Click "SUBMIT."
4. We will send you an email from
5. Click on the hyperlink within the email.
6. A page will open where you can enter and confirm your new password. (The password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least two of the following special characters: Capital Letters, Numbers or Symbols).
7. Click "Reset Password"
8. Return to the App and click on "Sign In".
9. Enter the email address as it is listed in the family portion of the directory.
10. Enter your NEW password and click the sign in button.

Once they have updated their password, it will now be the password they use for all login purposes, both the Online Member Directory and any Member App.