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Send a Quick Message

Send a Quick Message

Send an email in minutes.

When time is of the essence, send a quick email message from your desktop or mobile device to your entire directory - or selected group(s) within your directory - without having to look up a single email address. Simply enter a subject and message, select members and send.

FREE with your paid membership.

Send as many quick email messages as you'd like for no additional charge. The only requirement is that your church has an active membership with Instant Church Directory Online (you will not have access to this feature during your FREE trial).

Filter and send by groups.

Add individuals or families to a group and send quick emails messages to just that group. Perfect for when you need to quickly communicate to just a few key members and not your entire directory.

We take care of the sending for you.

All of our Quick Messages are completely advertisement-free and look like they are coming directly from you and your church. Send a quick email message right now or schedule it for a later date - either way, we send the email for you, ensuring your emails are always in CAN-SPAM compliance.

Tell Your Members

Send a Text Message

Send a Text Message to your directory.

Use your online directory to set up your own unique Text Alert name and send a message to all (or some) of your members at any time. Just enter a subject, create a new message, select members and send!

Easily reach your members.

More than 97% of text message are opened and read within moments of receiving them. Text messaging is quickly become the most effective way to broadcast important news.

Set up your own Text Alert Name.

So that your members quickly know who is sending them a text message, we provide a way for each church to set up their own unique Text Alert Name. This is used at the beginning of every text message.

Add a text plan for as little as $3.99 a month.

All plans are billed monthly so you can add the plan at any time or drop it for the months you know you won’t need it — all while keeping your directory membership and data secure. Click here for more details about our text messaging plans and pricing.


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